Privacy Policy

Welcome to our site! In that section of our website, you can find all the rules and how it works. Our policy is collecting, storing, and using personal information in our business. We actively protect our customers' personal data so that unwanted individuals have no chance of gaining access to them. To better understand our rules and their compliance, please read our privacy policy in conjunction with the Terms un Use.

Here you can find such information as:

  • Personal Information We Collect;
  • Security Of Personal Information;
  • Access To and Correcting Personal Information;
  • Unsolicited Personal Information;
  • Non-Personal Information;
  • Cookies.

We recommend you to visit that page periodically to keep up to date with the latest changes to the document. That will help you stay updated with new rules you need to follow, as we reserve the right to make changes without notice.

Personal Information We Collect

We collect all the various and necessary information to maintain your security at the highest level in our activities. That information helps us identify our clients and ensure their safety. For high-quality protection of all parties, we need the following information, which we list below:

Identification Information:

  • name;
  • gender;
  • date of birth;
  • residential and postal address;
  • email address;
  • telephone number.

Copies of Identification Documents:

  • birth certificate/utility bills;
  • passport;
  • drive license.

Other required information:

  • recording of the telephone conversation
  • website and app activity;
  • responses to competitions;
  • profession, occupation, or job title.

We collect all that information exclusively by lawful means and solely for general security. We can get that data only if you provide it to us yourself. Still, we may need your information from third parties to identify verification providers, law enforcement agencies, credit reporting agencies, and other government entities. The site also supports cookies that help us collect non-essential information about you.

Security of Personal Information

We know our responsibilities and provide our customers with complete security in storing their data. We take all necessary measures to securely store personal information and guarantee its accuracy, relevance, and completeness. We are keeping our information on designated servers with a high level of security, but we may also store personal information in telephone records and printed or paper files.

You can be calm for the safety of your data, as we maintain the confidentiality of documents that belong to you. Our employees, agents, and contractors must maintain the confidentiality of all personal information. However, it is also your responsibility to treat your data as carefully as possible to protect yourself. You are responsible for saving the confidentiality of your username, password, and account information. If you have any assumption that unwanted persons may have access to your data, you need to contact us as soon as possible. We will solve the problem and provide you with new data.

It would be best to be careful about the device you log into your account. You are responsible for third-party access to your device, and therefore you should make sure you log out of your account before putting your device away. In that way, you will increase your safety, which will help prevent you from encountering unwanted difficulties.

Access to and Correcting Personal Information

Our site takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we hold about you is always current, accurate, and complete. If your personal data have updates, we will immediately take action. We take reasonable steps to update your details on our website. To do that, we may also contact you so that you provide us with the latest and most recent data about yourself. You can also declare changes yourself and update them on our website. You will need to confirm your identity and indicate what information we need to provide for you.

You can correct some of your data dependently and much faster in the My Account section, available on our website or application.

Non-Personal Information

We may collect non-personal information about how you use our site and applications. That will help us improve the site's administration and applications and monitor how our customers use our site. It will also help us improve your user experience.

After logging into our site, your ID will track your IP address, allowing us to prevent fraud attempts and detect illegal activities related to our products and services. Our site collects all necessary non-personal data collected through cookies or web beacons used to create a profile of our users.

These measures do not differ from the measures taken by other sites to improve customers' safety. These are the necessary standard measures that we take for your good.


Cookies help us remember your preferences and improve your experience on our website like many other sites. We will remember your preferences and offer you exactly what you would like to see. Cookies allow us to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information on what interests you personally in your experience with us. We also use it for internal management purposes to ensure the necessary activity. That helps us ensure that your account working is correct when accessing our services.

We are not using cookies to store transaction history or account information. If you do not want cookies to be active during your site visit, you can delete them using your browser's Clear History function.

If you have an appeal about how we process personal information, don't hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].